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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

Darkness.... surrounding my vision like a blanket. I've been in the dark for... oh so long... I almost forget what the sun light feels like on my skin. I dont remember what I look like... I dont remember my name. Why you ask? Because I stopped caring...  I forced myself to forget, forced myself to erase everything out of my head. All the good things left but the bad things stayed. Not exactly what I intended. I spoke to the voodoo man, down on Fall Over Lain. He said "I can make you forget", and he said "shake my hand and I'll make you a new mind set". I shook his hand with hesitation but before I could even second guess myself he tied me down, cut my arm open, and took allot of my blood. He said "magic takes sacrifice". I screamed for him to stop but he didn't, he jarred my blood but he poured some into a pot. He mixed his voodoo spices into the blood with some viniger and sugar, could've sworn he threw in a snake eye. Maybe that's what took so long, waiting for that eye to melt down. He's weird I thought. Mean while I'm bleeding out starting to regret my decision. He pours his mixture with my blood in it and pours it into a wine glass, he tastes some and tells me it tastes done. He also says "it doesn't effect me because my own magic cant effect myself". I asked him "am I supposed to drink that?". He says "yes... and if you dont willingly I will force it down your throat,  because if the deal we made isnt done I will be dragged to hell". I gave him an are you serious look and he said "just do it, you shook my hand after all". He gave me a disturbing grin and I was uncomfortable but did I really have a choice? I said "f-fine" and opened my mouth, he poured the bitter sweet liquid down my throat slow, and it was thick and warm. I could taste metallic flavor from my blood in the elixir.  It freaked me out and I felt grossed out. I was about to gag but he finished pouring and I swallowed the last bit hard and took a deep breath. Suddenly I forgot everything that was good or small, even my name and my mom. But I didn't forget anything bad as I have said before, and that's one of the reasons I didn't forget my dad, he's in prison for sexual abuse. I am one of 25 victims. I am his daughter. I am ashamed to have his blood in my veins. He's a monster. Darkness comes but light does not follow and if it did dark is always in first place. The voodoo man tricked me of course, he didn't want to get dragged to hell for disappointing his demon friends. They wanted to hurt me. The next thing I know he hits me upside the head head and here I am... in the middle of this dark alley. I remember my home from bad memories. I dont think I can go back. Young and stupid, dont know who to trust, I should've known though..... To many red flags... To dumb to notice. Now I can never be satisfied.


  • A for a good read F for incorrect-ness

    May 05, 2019

  • keep writing... I'm liking the story

    May 06, 2019

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