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As far back as I can remember 
My days were mostly good 
as long as there was something to look forward too

It did not have to be monumental whether it was doing or watching or playing or eating it tempered the and bad enhanced the good 

It’s not that I grew in a fairlytale world
I had and still have those shitty days 
like everyone else
But the element of expectation became 
part of my persona and carried me through my share of tragic episodes 

My first  memory occurred when 
I was seven and had to have my tonsils removed 
Aside from the ice cream which was a
standard post tonsil promise I was guaranteed a Charlie McCarthy 
Ventriloquist dummy ( no one would ever call a boy’s gift a doll in those days.)

Poetry was never part of my life though I loved reading 
Poetry evolved into my life when my son died and the grief counselor suggested 
Starting a journal to help relieve the stress

That evolved into poetry quickly and I’m 
not sure why 
I wrote incessantly for the pain was unbearable 
Over the 10 year grieving process l wrote 2 to 4 daily which diminished with time as the grief transitioned into more quality returning
You never lose that pain but you can learn to control and diminish it

After that period I did no writing until I 
got the bug and tried some of the writing apps available 
None of them appealed to me for various reasons 
Then I came across Writers Outlet and it was like getting Charle McCarthy and White Castle back
It was a revelation- Since then i think poetry-talk poetry- dream poetry and 
of course write it
Each day and night I can’t wait to open WO to either read or write 
I derive pleasure-satisfaction and fulfillment as well as learning from so many in our community 
This has become my cherished gift 
The impact it’s made is a blessing 

Now if you’ll evcuse me
I have to write something 


  • May 05, 2019

  • Love this! 💜

    May 05, 2019

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