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This might well be my last post on anxiety for a long time.  To be truthful, I don’t experience much anxiety anymore.  Panic attacks are a thing of the past.  Once you understand that you have complete control over your anxiety, it may well be banished within a few hours, for good.

First of all, I’m going to explain to you, the primordial role of anxiety and HOW anxiety appears to be such a huge part of many peoples lives.  If you want, you can re-read this post as many times as you want so the information really sinks in and you fully grasp it.

Anxiety is no-more than a mechanism used by our brains to keep us safe.  Your brain doesn’t care about your happiness, in truth.  What your brain cares about most is your safety.  Your brain is actually your best friend.  Your brain works tirelessly, like a machine, to keep you safe and alive.  Anxiety and a sense of ‘doom’ is fundamentally no more than your brain asking you….is this safe?  That feeling you get when anxious, is your brain tapping you on the shoulder and asking….are you SURE we’re safe here?

This mechanism was VERY useful thousands of years ago.  It would keep us on edge and alert for signs of real danger.  When I say REAL danger, I mean life or death danger.  We were once very physical warriors that encountered threats day by day.  The fear/anxiety response that released Adrenaline was used to fight our way out of dangerous situations.  If we didn’t fight, we fled.  Adrenaline provided us with the energetic ‘boost’ to do these things to survive.  Adrenaline gives us more energy put simply.  Your brain was, and IS, looking out for your safety at all times.  During times of NORMAL stress, your brain will ask your body to produce small amounts of adrenaline.  This is why you might feel shaky before an interview.  This is why you might get butterflies in your stomach before an exam.  Anxiety is normal.  That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is caused by adrenaline & cortisol.  Cortisol is a stress hormone.  If someone is experiencing CONSTANT anxiety that affects their day to day lives, they will experience a jump in cortisol levels.

Let me repeat, your brain is your best friend.  Your brain ONLY wants to keep you safe/alive.  That is universal.  That’s the brains main function.  It’s a wonderful machine.

So, why do some people feel like their brain is their enemy?

I’ve spent many years believing my brain was my enemy.  I didn’t just think my brain was the enemy.  I thought the universe was my enemy.  The next sentence sums up why some people think their brain is the enemy.

Like a habit, somewhere along the line, you conditioned your brain day after day to believe you were in real danger.  The thoughts you were thinking at some point, failed to cease.  Thus, the brain became ‘used’ by YOU to believe it was in constant danger.  The universe isn’t giving you anxiety and panic attacks… are giving yourself anxiety and panic attacks because of the mismanagement of NORMAL anxiety symptoms.  I can almost assure you that these are some of the thoughts that you’ve thought in the last year:

  • Jesus Christ….something feels wrong
  • What the fuck is wrong with me?
  • What’s going to happen to me?
  • Oh god, I feel dizzy…what’s happening to me?
  • I feel like I’m going to die
  • I feel like I’m going to have a breakdown

I know First hand how scary these thoughts and sensations of panic are.  How could you NOT be anxious when these are the thoughts you’ve been having?  How could your brain NOT be stressed out?  Your poor brain is on such a level of high alert from danger that it is EXHAUSTED.  This can lead to feelings of Depersonalization, Depression & Derealization.  These 3 feel TERRYFYING if you have never encountered them before.

It’s no wonder you feel so tired.  It’s no wonder you feel so ill.  It’s no wonder you can’t sleep properly.  You’re always holding onto yourself.  The grip you have on yourself is suffocating you.

I don’t blame you for having this tight grip on yourself.  Through some trauma, some unresolved emotions, through a habit of negative thinking….you acquired an anxious brain.  Your brain can focus on little else because you have given it too much to worry about.  Remember, your brain wants to keep you safe.  If you keep beliving you are in danger, it’s no wonder your brain sends out waves of adrenaline.  Your brain is your best friend.  It wants to keep you safe.


  • I absolutely love this. Thank you! 🖤

    May 05, 2019

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