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Your pants and legs are soaked as your water continues to gush out of you. Your both excited and scared, this is your first baby and no one can really prepare you for parenthood. Everyone may try and tell you what's best but in the end you know that you need to do what you feel is right. You gather up the bags and all of your baby's things, starting to feel contractions. They're not all that bother some right now as you hurry threw your home. Getting your shoes on you look tired and your soaked.

"No point in changing again, might as well wait till I get to the hospital".

You think to yourself as get into your mothers car. Your boyfriend giggling at you as he teases you, smiling back at him as you start counting your contractions. The drive isn't long and the car fills with the sound of laughter as everyone is excited to meet the newest member of the family.

By now as you enter the hospital your contractions are more painful and last what seems like a little longer. The nurses check you over and help you get ready for labor, clenching your teeth as you try and answer there questions. 

"Where going to move you into a room now since your getting close, the doctor that will be delivering your baby tonight is Dr. Struthers"

She smiles at you as you do your breathing exercises that you've been practicing not sure if your doing it right but the nurses say your doing good.

You wait until a contraction has passed before getting up and moving to the next room, getting water along the way. 

The one nurse hooks you up to an IV as the other explains the doctor on call for the epidural you requested.

"So Dr. Kim is our magic man that gives the epidural he will be here in a half hour he says, we called him from home."

"That's fine" you say tiredly as you feel another contraction coming on as you sqeez your boyfriend's hand hard. The nurse must have noticed that he was in pain from how hard you must be squeezing his hand as she says she's going to get some laughing gas to try and help. She hurts out of the room and is back before you know it setting it up quick.

"When you feel a contraction coming start breathing in the gas threw here." She shows you the mouth peice "breath in threw your mouth and out your nose make sure they are deep and slow breaths." She says giving it to you. Nodding as you start to take it right away as you feel a contraction, it hurts so much and it feels like the gas isn't even doing anything to help, but your boyfriend seems to think differently as you don't squeez his hand so hard. The doctor finally arrives and you boyfriend is pushed out the door so you can get the epidural. The doctor and nurses go over what you need to do and sign their papers, getting into position your back hunched head down and hold the pillow lightly as the doctors prepares everything. Your contractions are very strong now and you let out loud crys with each one. There seems to be no brake in-between each contraction, you struggle to stay still in the pose you have taken. The nurses try there best to comfort you and keep you still as you let more and more loud crys of incredible pain out. The doctor finally has everything ready and begins.

"Your going to feel some pressure now." 

He says as you feel him push somthing into your spine, hearing something similar to the sound of a stapler. You home the nurses hand tightly as he finishes up, tears running down your face from both the pain of the contractions and the needle in your back. The doctor declares he's done and both him and the nurses tell you how well you did as they clean up and get you more comfortable on your bed. Looking at the clock it's 11:00 at night, the nurse is checking how dialated you are.

"You are about 8 centimeters, so your getting close. If at any point you feel the need to push don't let me check you before ok?" She says looking at you. Nodding as you lay back eyes closed feeling tired. Your partner's returned and he gives you a soft kiss of the forehead as he strokes your messy hair. Smiling up at him as you kiss his hand as you say

"I love you."

"I love you too babe." 

Feeling like you have really bad cramps starting in your lower stomach you let the nurse know, she tells you that's the baby and not to push. You hold on and do what she asks the feeling growing stronger and just as you feel you can't hold on any longer the doctor that is going to deliver your baby has arrived.

"Ok let's have a baby people!" She announces happily with a big smile.

"I'm just going to go ahead a check to make sure your fully dialated." She says to you as she sticks her fingers in side you to check letting a giggles out.

"Well there's the head, we better get moving because he's not waiting." The nurses get in position one on each leg holding it bent and up, and the other assistan the doctor. You follow there instructions and hold your thighs as they tell you to push hard. You clench your teeth and push as hard as you can taking deep breaths before you begin again.

"Ok now the head is almost out we need you to do a few big pushes ok?"

You nod your head in reply as she says, "Ok 1, 2, push!" 

You push so hard you fear you'll faint from not enough air but do it again and again. Doing the last push you feel a pop sensation as you know the head is free. All the nurses are smiling as they tell you to keep pushing, doing little pushes. Finally you hear a soft but loud cry of a baby. Opening your eyes you see the doctor holding up your baby, reaching for him you begin to cry as you look at your baby. You lay him on your chest and he stops crying, looking up at your boyfriend you kiss him as you both look down on your son. All that pain you went threw seems to be a distant memory as cuddle your new born baby feeling so much love coming from this tiny little person knowing now you are a mother.


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