Part 2 Fart Burp Read Count : 36

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Comedy

Elvira looks at ma crack me arse bum bottox or butt

I go ya yer I take paper

I remember this 

.dear Ella I am rooked

 ma phones got cut off

The gas has been cut off and now the electric I am up to high jole with worry 

Could ya please lend me some doch 

Rab c Nesbit took refuge it's funny 

Rab c Nesbit calls  jimmy hill a wanker

Then he says he give him a glassgow kiss

Mary Doll Nesbitt goes Rab C Nesbitt don't ya talk to me Rab c Nesbit im sick of living like this look what ya done to ma duvet it burnt to a crisp with his fag ends ciggerette ends 


  • May 05, 2019

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