The Funny Fart Story Read Count : 6

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Comedy

This is a true story names are changed

Elvira sitting looking board goes I'm board is there any video games the dad goes yes rest I go I rather nap 

I lie down I hear a giant fart 

It smells whiffy means it's smelly

It's a whiff means a smell 

Put a fan on gross 

It's you you smell phew whew smelly girl I go yer a Cad creature it's not me go to the bog I go ya cheeky twat  

Chapter 2 the smelly time 

It is woofy says Elvira

Woof woof says Elvira waging her tail

Can I play woof ball says Elvira sure I say 


  • cool

    May 05, 2019

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