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It was the time of night when I was asleep in my bed with blanket. I saw a terrible dream of a clown. I woke up sweat. All the day my mood was bad. My parents worried about me and thought that I am having depression because of my studies. Since I was in bad mood I thought to sleep in day time maybe it will help me to regain my good mood. Again I saw that same dream and woke up in cold sweat.

My mom asked us anything is wrong with me. My answer was about that dream, she said it is just a dream do not think about it much.

My dad came to me and said do not fear from your free try to fight it. He was not knowing what I have seen in my dream.

That night again I saw the same thing. That clown was dancing having 2 ballons in his hands.

On the left side was closet and on right was bed which belongs to me.

After 4 years I was in college and on holiday I came to my house to my parents.

I went to a good friend at his home.

He received a parcel in which there was CD.

Another friend came to us. We were all there enjoying. Then remembered about the CD we played it.

I was shocked. The same dancing clown in video. I was scared but 2 of my friends were laughing.

Soon I too felt it a bit funny. So I started laughing but my friend whose house we were in was serious.

I asked him ‘what happened? ‘

He said' it is my room where this clown is dancing. ‘

My heart was like it is going to come out of my chest.

We ran upstairs and there was nothing only those 2 ballons with which clown was dancing. It was shocking and soon our party was over so we left for our home.

On the way I found a fortune teller and asked him what to do his reply was very disturbing but I thought to work according to him.

I again went to friend's house asking him to be with him at night.

I informed my parents that I am having sleepover with my friend.

At night I said my friend and his parents to not to open their room doors.

They agreed as I said them about fortune teller.

As I was sleeping the same clown was dancing. I woke up somehow and managed to go to bathroom as I need to do pee.

When I was back in my room. The sound of footsteps was heard by me which was downstairs. It seems like someone was dancing but was in a single position.

I tried to peek through staircase to check if there is anyone. I saw my friend was dancing with 2 ballons in his hand., just like the clown.

“ What are you doing?”


“ Say something”


“ Hey, are you deaf now. “

“ I am waiting for you to be with me. “ and gave a smile just like the clown.

I locked myself in bathroom bcoz it was nearest to me.

Then someone started bangingbthe door.

I then started the plan as fortune teller told me.

Opened the door punched my friend and pushed him towards stairs so he should fell from stairs and get unconscious.

I done then next step was to call his parents but as I said them not to open the door the followed it and didn't open the door.

I started screaming and telling them to open before my friend get conscious.

But I heared another foot step which was coming from upstaires.

Then heared it coming through the room in which parents were present.

I ran out of the room and called the police as they came we entered the house and found that everyone was dead and everyone were having painted face as clown has and 2 ballons in their hand.

I am still thinking why they were painted their face as clown and whom I was trying to save.


  • my first short story

    May 05, 2019

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