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If one conversation can change a sea of opinions and point of views. Than what could multiple have on our society? Now some things aren't as simple as that,but they could be. Movies,textbooks,and everyday life all lead us to that it is hard to make a difference and in some cases it is. Weather it is a fight for equality or standing up to a school bully. All conversations matter both good and bad. Some take the good over the bad and block everything else out. Others the opposite. Then there are the people who listen to both. Now not favouring either for all are equal. I think some of our best writers are the group that listens to both. Taking the good and bad all in one. Letting the reader take from it what they will. That's why there are theorists. They take away things what they believe are truth not acutely knowing what the author means. This is true for people of all ages kids messaged in books to tell you what is right or wrong. Adults and Teens YouTube, social media,and T.V . Now I could go on a rant of some sort and say how modern life is ruining society,but I can't this has been going on for years centuries even. Weather it be newspapers or some random people yelling in a street that all factors in to our everyday life. Are opinions and emotions. When these things  happened it's almost like we are robots just waiting for things to trigger any emotions in us at that moment. But it is still our decision to act upon it at least we can do that ourselves. 


  • May 05, 2019

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