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There’s an old song
“I’m Sitting On Top Of The World “
It’s a about a young man who couldn’t be happier as he looks at the world through the proverbial “Rose Colored
The real world in 1925 was much as it is now- a mixture of wonder- enjoyment-
beauty- death - destruction-starvation and racism

If we were living at the top today-we would see a very different world with incredible changes some for the better - some for the worse and some never even considered then but now with our amazing technology a real threat to our planet 
With the ability we have today we can see in to the future to detect climate patterns of warming and pollution that have already made an impact on us

We can not only hear events taking place anywhere in the world but can see them instantaneously
Many more are better clothed -better
 fed- better houses than in 1925
But the ravages of war as well as the other ills that existed then are still present 
Our biggest weapon now is the the knowledge gained through this technology not only to foresee the future but to address both man- made
and natural disasters 

We cannot solve all these potential issues but we can deal with them more effectively if we make that commitment 

If we are successful on any level 
The vision of our children and their children may enable them to sit on top of the world with a better -safer future 

               It is within our power 


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