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Imma let down, I feel down, no!

Sit down look down, no!

Drink up and let yourself drown. I know I have some problems. I feel I dont stand a chance. My parents always said I had the world in my hands but truth is I never had the chance. Take a stance that's what they told me. Be bold that's what they expected, captain of the ship but I just wrecked it. In the middle of the ocean... I try to swim back to the shore, my crew already sank. I try to swim back to the ocean but I drank and I sank too. That's what they call me "the Drunken Sailor" where ever she goes failure fallows "maybe because women aren't supposed to sail" they spread they're lies mean while trying to get what's in between my thighs. This world is Dirty, being a captain I never signed up for this! Get too much responsibilities and I grab the bottle. Drink every last drop then trip over nothing, bust my head open my blood is dirty! Mixing my families tears in my beer then drink it down, sink the thoughts down sink the feelings down to the bottom. I never want to feel again. Yell at my step daughter her dreams I slaughter. Hit my own sun for no reason. Tell my man he's worthless even thought he picks me off the floor when I've had too much wich was all the time. No I'm not fine. Now i got cancer of the liver and i keep drinking because i dont care, losing my hair everyone around me beware before I tear you heart into pieces like I did my family. 


  • this is how my step mom was, i consider this self help because i needed to get it off my chest. im glad she isnt in my life anymore and my real mom is back with my dad.

    May 04, 2019

  • May 04, 2019

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