Ever Heard Of Kuchisake-onna? Read Count : 26

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror

Kuchisake-onna is originally known as the slit mouth woman,and is a Japanese urban legend.

The back story of "the silt mouth woman" is that:there once was a beautiful woman in a Japanese city and she was married.she would ask everyone "am I pretty?" And of course they would say yes.she finally gained the courage to cheat on her husband.But failed to keep it hidden as her husband found out.He then yelled"why her!?"and the man just walked away.after doing so the husband cut the beautiful womans mouth from ear to ear.she the hide her face and committed suicide.

She now goes roming the same city asking "am I pretty?" Once the victim says yes she removes her mask and asks again if they say yes she will make them look like her if they say no in and part she will cut them in have.

The only way to escape is to throw fruits or Candy's on her feet or say she's average


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