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You sitting there still pondering on your wonder, miracle. You have received the prophetic declaration, you eager thirsty for GOD s glory, you are desperate for a miraculous breakthrough [Psa63:1]. I am looking for you right now as I write to the choirmaster brethren. I would like to take you to the psalm of David chapter 40 to discern the miracle signs and wonders ponderosity. King David reflects on previous situations on which the hymn calls on GOD to help [Psa40:1_3]. You have called on GOD before as I said that I am looking for such saints. I do not assume I believe that your past situations have reinforced  the lesson to trust GOD only [Psa40:4] As David writes to choirmaster I want you to pick or discern how to seek these miracles. Having just mentioned to you to reflect your previous victories with the LORD which you definitely have,  you need also to thank GOD for HIS past mercies which resonated your  in public [Psa40:5]. Dont hide, testify. Offering sacrifices, repentance and obedience is useless if we do not have faith my friends [Psa40:6_8]. A spiritual ear is one ready to listen and obey GOD s words. Praise GOD that the previous experiences provide assurance that in the current difficulties GOD will again  make haste to help you out [Psa40:11_12] My Pastor usually says be an expectant believer. After previous experiences then the psalm is asking from GOD again [Psa40:13_15]. Check this brethren, before you make a new request for a new miracle and wonder, you combine your prayer with thanking GOD of your salvation previous victories. King David continues in this psalm, that those who seek GOD s help rejoice and be glad [Psa40:16]. This requires faithfulness. Either poor or needy combining thanks for past mercies with new miracle request can give you courage to even ask GOD not to delay your miracle [Psa40:17] Right, brethren this writing is not rabbinical, I am not writing to you instead, I am writing to the choirmaster to gain anointing of David [Mark12:36] which is about to take you to your miracle. The choirmaster is the HOLY SPIRIT. HE continues to teach these things [John14:26]

I guarantee your miraculous breakthroughs in the name of JESUS
The prophetic has declared signs wonders and miracles , its our season, claim your miracle in CHRIST JESUS name

Begin to pray NOW

#Fellowship greetings friends !


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    May 04, 2019

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