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Bullies are lost.

They're people that lack confidence.

They're the most afraid beings to exist.

Until you come along.

Everything done by them isn't meant to be hurtful.

They want YOU to break down & give up since they WON'T do it.

They want YOU to wonder off the path you walk upon.

But they aren't trying to hurt YOU...

Deep down, they know what they're doing wrong.

They will NEVER admit it unless they get attacked personally by something bigger... Something stronger.


Be kind to a bully.

Help them realize the truth.

DON'T ignore them.

Buy them a notebook.

In this notebook, you will write ONE sentence.

On the very first page you will write one of the current goals YOU have in life. 

Something that they can try.

You're thinking that this is completely crazy, don't you.

You're thinking that this won't affect anything, right?

That this action will just make it worse?

Well according to Nelson Mandela... “It always SEEMS impossible until it's done.” 

Prove the bully that you know the truth.

Bullies are just like YOU.

There is only ONE difference...

They just need motivation... A goal to complete.

Give them that goal.

Give them YOUR goal.

Take them along.

If you don't, they'll just keep coming after you because they have nothing else to do.

If you DO ignore a bully, you're leaving them helpless.

They DON'T want to hurt YOU.

They want to hurt SUCCESS itself since they don't have it.

You have the SUCCESS.

They see the success within you.

They won't stop until they break it free 

for themselves.

Give them that notebook.

Give them that goal.

Bring them with you.

You can be their change.

Now, why a notebook and not just a piece of paper?

That notebook will be used more in the future, but not by you.

By them.

They will make their own goals.

Their life will change.

It may is have started with a $1 notebook...

But mainly because...

YOU gave them that notebook.

⭐They might of never gotten this chance again.⭐


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