Forlorn In Figure, Broken In Spirit Read Count : 36

Category : Poems

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Staring long into the woods 

a path under my feet

a shadow of a broken man

with sand and mud between his teeth

on his brow dirt from the road 

a long way to the ocean

further to the creek 

too much trouble behind him

no rain in sight

he's drowning in sorrow 

but that's the only way in sight

he has one hand on the bottle

another on his knife

demons of tomorrow left to the imagination

step over step, bleeding from the slice

The last battle did him in 

gritting his shattered teeth and bleeding gums 

nursing burns

it never stops

The haunting of a man

battered and downtrodden 

forlorn in figure 


  • May 04, 2019

  • May 04, 2019

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