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It's dark and cold, you look around yourself seeing nothing but black and gray. People are smiling and so to make them happy you flash a big wide smile. You love seeing people happy and hate it when there hurt. You struggle to keep yourself happy and healthy, but none of that matters. All that matters is making others happy and seeing their smile on their faces. For a brief moment your lifted out of the darkness that surrounds you. You see the wonderful colors of the world, how vibrant and strong they are. 

This feeling never lasts, as they leave, you feel yourself fall back into that darkness. Then that cold ever so distant voice comes back. 

"You know no one cares about you?"

 You shake your head no saying that's not true as tears run down your face. 

"How could anyone love someone like you? Your nothing to them." 

This voice drags you deeper and deeper into the darkness. You pull your legs in tight, hugging them to your body as you bury your head your hair falling around your face hiding the tears as they fall. The pain growing more and more stronger, feeling like your stomach and heart are being torn apart. You cry letting the hurt out, but it's not enough . . . it's never enough. 

"Your so weak and stupid" the voice inside you says as you grab for the blade. Pulling your sleeve up revealing the deep angry cuts on your arm. As you begin to dig deep into your skin with the blade, feeling the warmth of your blood run down your arm. You start to feel the pain subside, the voice fades and you start to feel better. You finally breath out the air you've been holding in, but your bliss ends as you hear the slam of the bedroom door open. Your husband standing there he's ferrous as he strides over to you and hits you hard upside the head. And just like that the pain is back your head hurts incredibly as your dizzy from his hit. 

"What the fuck are you doing!?"

You hear him yell at you, but you can't speak all you can do is cry. You sit there as he calls you stupid and grabs you by your hair draging you out of the one safe place in your home.

"If you want to kill yourself so badly then use this" he says as he shoves a knife into your hands. 

"He never loved you, he only loves that other woman" you hear inside yourself as you stand there trying to make the tears stop. He puts the knife back and tells you to take more pills, saying it will help but you never feel better taking these pills. You take them anyways knowing if you say no to him you'll only get hurt more, hating the taste of them as you swallow them. Saying goodnight you go to bed laying your head down on your pillow feeling yourself drift away. As the pills kick in you pray that maybe some day things will be better and go back to how they use to be, as you let yourself fall into the blackness tears run quietly down your cheeks as the world fades into the darkness . .


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