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The rain fell heavily on the rooftop as the place was surprisingly more cold then usual as i sat on the couch all covered up in my cozy warm blanket having some warm yet tasty cup of tea.....a few minutes have gone by so quickly yet i still feel night will be slow as before,my darling boyfriend sleeping so peacefully that i didn't want to disturb him from his slumber i quietly got him covered with a blanket and snuggled in to sleep as i was drifting away slowly to sleep my mind was at ease at first i saw pitch black but then i heard a clock? it seems to be charming but where?.........."babe?"............i looked around carefully it looks like i am in a room maybe the charming is coming from downstairs i quietly headed down the creaking steps.

    Babe? oh here is the clock better turn it off........*crash*............oh what was that i thought to myself,"babe? is that you?" no response,"babe this isn't funny please reply" still nothing i headed for the kitchen just as i thought broken glass better clean this mess up there all finished..........*creak* huh? sounds like someone is upstairs i wonder if its babe? better go check i quickly ran upstairs babe?......babe i know its you stop playing this isn't funny your scaring me..........no response.

*Slams* huh oh its the door babe i'm serious if you think this is a joke well sorry to say its not just then i heard the closet i saw something get out of it something strange,"babe?" whatever it was it had a smile that could give you nightmares, its teeth were like vampire fangs so sharp,its eyes were red like a demons own its like watching flames from hell so strange........i stood there i didn't move nor did i run but stood there gazing at this thing i don't know what to call it......stiffend with fright and fear i broke out of my gaze and ran for the door banging,hitting for it to open as i looked back the creature came running after i cried while still banging on the door to open screaming,"HELP!!!!!! SOMEONE SAVE ME PLEASE!!!!!!" but it was too late the creature had attacked me it teared off my arms and legs while munching on my torso it was a gruesome sight indeed i immediately got up from my slumber i turned to see my boyfriend in the same spot as before i looked at the clock 3:54am i looked around then at myself i got up and poured myself a glass of water thinking what a crazy night........i then thought was it all a dream?.......*CREAK* oh no........


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    May 05, 2019

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