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As far as we know the basic laws of physics and mathematics isn't gonna change, and the characteristic acrobatics and the sporadic rate of change that these megleomatics, have a passionate have to display, is enough to make me sway away from the fray, Thats why i vaccinate and spray, glike T.D Jakes says, "gotta clear all the weeds from your green pastures" but i took one step futher to truly achieve self mastery of self, anything else is pure blasphemy and self tragedy to willingly endure such (internal) agony. I know you think I'm nagging son, but i repeat, You Gotta vaccinate and spray pesticides, each and every day to keep these leeches at bay, cause they hoping, sneaking, reaching, trying to breach, my domain. That's why you gotta keep guard at the gates, never wearing your scars on your face. If its in the cards, then never make the cardinal mistake of perpetual internalizing each and every mistake, the key takeaway should be the lesson gained, from each indiscretion making a necessary corrections not to be subjected to more of the same, if you know the definition of insane, then you'll refrain from defaecating, where you lay. Never allowing the enemy to question your faith, one negative objection, just like in inception, can be a deceptive and an effective weapon if left unchecked, and it takes shape, the dread it may formulate can be unimaginable,


  • May 04, 2019

  • May 04, 2019

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