The 1st Night Of Fort Lone Tree Read Count : 2

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So this is my story my name AnaSofia and now you know that so let’s get into the story...

 It’s three months into middle school and just sitting on the bus and drawing some horrible fan art and by that I mean before this I was a bad artist but anyway a boy with beautiful long blond hair looks over at my work and says “Do you like Undertale?” And I responded with a simple yes and soon we became great friends and we were always talking never a silence on the bus and now... we are no longer friends and I regret that because he was my first friend in middle school and my first crush we both had
A crush on each other and we knew because we told each other and now every night before I fall asleep I remember the night of fort lone tree... 

Sorry to cut it short but I think I’ve spread enough info and don’t want any more out Incase he reads this and realizes that I still love him...😓


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