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Admit it your only with me for my money. You know I think it's kinda funny how you cracked open my skull and you sunk in through the cracks. Over powering so controlling. You sit in my head and you beat up my brain next think I know I can barely feel the blood flowing through my veins. Like house wiring my light bulb was on then you flicked the switch. I know why because evil resides in darkness. You take and you take but you never give. Even during the heart break it didn't break even, of course I give you my all but I get the lesser half. Your just fine with three quarters of a functioning heart you were always so greedy. Dont pretend things between us are peachy you sucked my money up like a blood sucking leach. Dont act like you can preach about life and how to fall in love with a person you because you didn't fall in love with me you wanted what's in my purse. I dont know what hurts worse hearing you already got another girl or regretting the first time we kissed. You broke all your promises, lied to my face. Bet you bought that new suit with some of my leftover money but hey dont spend it all in one place honey. Dont come crawling back saying you've changed when you know your just looking for some extra change. I'm building a solid brick wall to keep you out and I turned back on the switch so know you walked away without cracking my light. Evil resides in the darkness imma make it bright


  • May 03, 2019

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