The Stinky Feet Read Count : 40

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Sub Category : Science and Technology

Chapter 1 smelly feet

The feet smell yuck 

I wipe my feet it stinks I was walking then I smell stinky feet the feet turned green I take my dog with me to investigate then I hear smelly feet follow me 

To be continued 

Chapter 2 purple fart

I hear a huge fart see a cloud

I get chased by a big purple blob it farts I go good homes don't carry big purple farts every time I hear a loud fart  poot poot  fart goes the big fart  it stinks 

I go great a smelly big fart I lock thewashroom see the fart followme till I pass gas 

Chapter 3 gassy burrito 

The purple fart haunts me I go what a horrible no good day my dad goes what is that a fart I go

Then I hear poot

I go fine I'll fart everybody goes she's going to blow 

I go yes I farted so what everyone goes oooh she farted 


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    May 03, 2019

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    May 03, 2019

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