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*JAYFEATHER*  "yo its you agenst me its jay from the power of three, im back from the past to fix your knees and crack some fleas, things have changed since your time theres a new omen in order,im hauling all your dusty flab to the shadowclan border, im a god amongest cats dont cut me short for being blind i can go throught space and time and i can freaking read your mind,oh sure you can feel the pain that others feel too, guess it sucks to know your son  and mate didn't give a 

Shit about you

*yellowfang* oh thats refreshing hearing  words come out of your trap it aint comprised all of your whining bull crap,cut you short nah you do that one on your own everyday you sit and moan and groan and sound like pappa crow, your a sad little creeper walking in the dreams of sleepers ive got this rap so far rapped up that ive already beat gotta lession to teach so quite down and listen up hun you might jump the clock but im timeless son

*jayfeather* take a minute now and take a piece of your advice your the reason the four clans fell into brokenstars demise your the sluty furbag thinking you can brake all starclans laws, thats alot of kitten blood running a river at your paws ,oh its all that smoke gettng the best of your sencies and gettiny through your prentices, found a couple sicklys going down the same path your so pitiful starclan had to spare them your wrath 


At least i save cats you wouldn't know what thats like letting that poor boy scream in terror neath a frozen sheet of ice....im like a Phoenix and ill be rising from the ashes while you'll be living the rest of your life lacking love and compassion, ive got more healing powers in one paw then you do your hole body thunderclan loved me imbraced me while your like nobody, your in a relationship with a stick your a godamb angstiy prick if you dont get your own way you have a freaking hissy fit, why dont you take the time to pull that stick out of your ass ,get off you whinny baby you've been clearly out classed does it hurt now that ive exposed your short comming oh poor jayfeather bet you didn't see that one comming....


  • i love it

    May 06, 2019

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