One Step Forward Two Steps Back 5/3/19 Read Count : 28

Category : Poems

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I should have known better Caught off guard I took it hard 
Was on a roll of positives
The feeling derived is still alive 
Then shadows seeped in Got under my skin
I say to my demons “Let the battle begin”
This was unexpected But was unprotected 
Which was a surprise My mind closed its eyes
I thought I was fortified But emotions just lied
By experience of the past thought it would last
My emotions got twisted 
My warnings-l missed it 
So now I’m on track to get myself back
Recalling the past this downside
won’t last
I will get it together as I’ve done before 
The demons will know it
By my heart’s joyous roar 


  • May 03, 2019

  • May 03, 2019

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