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  • I remember the time that you left me waiting for you I have six months I was waiting for you nobody told me that you were here I wait so much for you because my love is so strong every man that's come this is why I love you I already have cute man I'm waiting for I'm sorry I can't up with all the men in my life she's the only one he's the lucky one will you tell me that you love me and the end of the world you make me happy but you didn't do what you said you were going to do you already married with another woman just hurt me when I heard that make me cry every single day I just know what I need to do I was doing he's praying for you to come back but you never come back I Cry every single day that's what I would kill myself run back or just leave the car hate me was he stalking me or hate me let me finish with my life I don't have to this is bad show me how many years you was this woman how many years do you got My Loving You Is Love is the power why you do that to me now you make me hate you yes I do I hate you with all my heart


  • May 03, 2019

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