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The creator of man....... such a wonderful, creator to have. We are forever in his debt but all he asks of us it to be faithful and loyal and do right by his holy side. How hard is that. He have life and he will still provide protection and he still will be kind to those who aren't kind but realise there wrong and ask for forgiveness. I believe in God, I know he is my lord and my savior. I prayed to him allot today and I've been clutching onto my cross necklace at night. I feel closer to God right now than I ever have, and I hope to build on my relationship with him. God is our father and we are his children, he loves you when no one else does. He made every fine detail in the systems of nature that keep us alive. Everything is in a delicate balance and God is the earth's peace keeper. Logically it is impossible to evolve from some "fish" or whatever theory there is. Logically it is impossible for our planet in the storms of planets, stars and galaxies for us to exist. A planet doesn't just from functioning life because as far as we know we are the only living things the only living breathing planet. Gods power is stronger than anything we know, he banished Satan so if Satan thinks he has the power to over throw God and turn the world into chaos he's wrong. I ask God for his forgiveness because I have sinned lately and I am wrong. On my behalf I am wrong and i know there for it's a sin and i say unto God i am sorry. I am 15 and here i am preaching, that has brilliance written all over. God is brilliant. I never preach but I'm doing it now because God deserves more credit. All these false people claiming to heal with the powers of God getting money out of people, good to men should not have a price, this world should just be filled with love. People are looking towards sin and they dont even know it themselves then they get caught up in it like a whirling tornado. It's time to ask God to pull you out of that hectic circle so you can be happy so you can be full of love and joy instead of hate and bitterness. Why be hateful and bitter, what good has that done for anyone. Love, people and love hard because God loves you more than you can imagine.


  • Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    Gods not another preacher.

    May 03, 2019

  • You are amazing keep writing thank you young man....you have a BLESSED day

    May 03, 2019

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