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  The king sat in his throne clenching the dagger in his throat, watching as the assassin kills his family and anyone else in the throne room. The king tried to formulate words but the assassin shoved the dagger further into his throat.

“Death to all who are corrupt.”, whispered the assassin as he left a rose on the king’s lifeless body.


    The sun gave life to the city and its unfavorable tenants as it stared at them  below.

“Hey Felix did you hear?”, yelled the boy, poking his friend who was laying down under a tree reading.

“Hear what Marcus, what are you babbling on about this time.” replies Felix still reading his book

“The king is dead. It happened last night after the feast. They say it was mystic rose.”, Marcus said hovering over Felix like a madman.

“The assassin group that no one conveniently has any evidence they actually  exist.” Felix said peering over the top of his book.

“Then how do you explain the rose that was left behind. There was a rose on the late duke’s body and onn on that street lord from across the city.”

“Just a happy coincidence i guess.”

“regardless you got to hand it to them, they sure are making the city safer.”

“Yeah but they are weong for doing so. We have laws to protect its citizens and punish those who break the law. No one is above the law no matter how right you believe you are.”

“Whatever dude, anyways lets head over to the orphanage. Im starting to get hungry.”

    The sun faded and the beautiful city merkytus had finally shown her true face, one where the corrupt and deceitful run rampant. Felix and Marcus walked casually through the city as if the were immune to their surroundings. In a blink of an eye, Felix was thrown to the ground and Marcus was being lifted by his neck. Four thugs chose to pick them for their next prey. They demanded Felix hand over everything they had and wjen he answered they had nothing they began to punch Marcus. Felix tried to save marcus but they toed his hands and feet together. Felix watched one of the thugs pull a bat out and swing a t Marcus’s knees. They were enjoying playing with their victim. they proceeded to put rope around Marcus’s nexk and toe him to a pole. Laughing and hollering they wanted him to get up but his knees were broken so the broke his arms too. Felix laid there crying for someone to save them but the world had forsaken them. Felix looked at Marcus intensely as Marcus was trying desperately  to say something. Time slowed as he realized the demise of his only friend and family he had left in the horrendous coty. The thig swung his bat bashing Marcus’s skull inward.Felix vision blurred by waterfall tears, his body was paralyzed staring at Marcus as his eyes stared back


  • May 02, 2019

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