I'LL NeVeR Be ThE SaMe AGaiN. Read Count : 39

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Romance

It all started out when they were in high school.Austin was a smart and intelligent students among the class,but rather a playboy.There she is,Michelle,a kind and quite behaviour unlike Austin.They were classmates.Austin was popular among the girls for he was the perfect boyfriend material,but he never paid attention to this kind of matter.Michelle was one of the girls who had a crush on him.She would stare him the whole time and wouldn't blink an eye.She described him as a boy who"got the smile and a body to die for".One morning,as Michelle and her friend Lucille talked about Austin,the fact the Michelle had a crush on him,Lucille excitedly announced the words among her classes and that was when Austin found out about it.Everyone in the class would tease her for it,as nobody actually believes it.But it was true.That was when Austin finally opens up his heart to a woman.He started talking to her making every girl in the class jealous.He would tease her knowing how shy she would be.Days passed by when one day they had to go on a trip for the school project.Austin and Michelle were hooked up in one team.Austin felled for the girl already.The next morning they started out for the trip.It was a breezy day.They reached their destination after a long trip.Everyone was so tired they fell asleep.Austin took a chance to proposed to Michelle but she was not the easy type.She rejected him,but that for her was one of the most happiest moments in her life.After a two day's trip,they went back home.When they came back to school,unlike the other days,Michelle and Austin were awkward and couldn't face each other.That very day,he proposed to her but got rejected in fear of getting hurt.The school's winter vacation starts.It lasted for about three months.They communicate lesser than before.Austin also got a new girl.Michelle was hurt to hear that and pity herself for not accepting him.Her life turned upside down,and felt as if everything has fallen apart.This was the first time she felt this way for a boy.She couldn't take it.So,she proposed a boy and make her his man.But that couldn't change anything.They broke up after a few months.Austin too had an on and off relation with girls.That's how they ended.After a year,Michelle go to a college and Austin went to study abroad.Who knows their destiny?They never talked again after that.Michelle remained single after suffering from a serious heart disease.The end

Hope you enjoy.Based on true story.Sorry if my writing is lame,this is the first time I've written a story.I couldn't write out the chemistry I was expecting.


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