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     Engines turn over and roar to life, breathing fire from their pipes.  The day has come to settle the score, old rivals line up once more.  

     Tension is high and excitement builds.  What's about to happen will surely be a thrill.  

     The teams check the cars, assured everything's tight.  One of these men will be a king tonight.  

     Burnouts done, tires hot, they both await the lights to drop.  Turbos spool and blowers whine, the beasts are ready on the line.  

     The lights drop, yellow then green.  This is where it can get mean.  

     The tires grip and the cars squat, off the line like they were shot.  

     Neck in neck they shoot down the track. Foot to the floor, there's no holding back.  


  • May 03, 2019

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