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Good faith reacted comment 

denigrated a woman spinster in noon 

short dresses, skirts, frocks, t-shirts 

bikini sleeve and topless transparent attire make man crazy arouse libido and sentiments alluring or temptation inviting them in motivation for sexual ecstasies man may start independent or in groups galvanised covet voluptuous lustrous plan and design in spontaneous flow of fantasy in brain where sex lies and sleeps insane 

she quoth girls you chat in appearance 

tender, invitation, lust and seduction 

perhaps perpetrators may take notice 

in groups of four or five to coerce you 

for sexual appetite 

sudden they surprise you in bed 

you mutter or utter you are innocent 

not called them in groups, half and half 

attack and solitary lad but you chatted 

technically invited them 

liberty of dressing and attire 

convey message of sexual desire 

say a bird, peacock, magpie and hen 

dance, move and act crazy 

you dance and speak birdy language 

nonverbal your mindset nympho 

you flirt and coquette not innocence 

vulnerable prey to trap in fancy 

  In confrontation joined moms, girls 

  and babies you assembled crowd of 

  men delivery of dialogues, refutation 

  on liberty and attire pressurised 

  backlash woman escorted in cordon 

  claim for apology and pardon 

  trapped woman blockhead 

  haggled and refuted allusion 

  for similar trap and sexual 

  assault for her in pandemonium 

  modern civilization of cosmopolitans 

  short dresses and sensuous 

  appealing acts 

  trend and tactics of fashion world 

  and so beauty pageants perhaps 

  beauty is beauty for appeals 

  to sensuousness of men 

  no appeal, no beauty, no makeup 

  no notice of men make you ugly 

  apron, veil, hijab, burka and full dress 

  hide both beauty and introvert beast 

  look love and live as per wish 

  ethics, moral and codes are good 

  in scriptures and myths 

  value, look, fashion transmit 

  and change among people in grade 

  backwards are those who 

  follow blindly scriptures, myths 

  in disbelief orthodox and 

  suspension of conservative mindsets 

   A blonde uttered nude born man 

   babies live nude and wear shorts 

   hey woman! you comment and 

   refute moms for favour and 

   lustful perpetrators molest 

   old women fully cloaked 

   and senile menopaused wrinkled 

   feeble lonely ladies in apartments 

   in orgy, party and clubs of sexual 


Woman responses nude, obscene 

and nudiest colonies on shores 

and beaches elsewhere 

find in world young ladies!

I warn you save yourselves 

from molestation and rapes 

convey my message to young 

and moms control your wards 

in dressing and fashion 

modesty is the key of civilised nations. 

    Kamal kishore Sharma 

Behind Hotel Midtown Sneh Nagar 

Ward Number 27 Balaghat (MP) India 

481001  9424614441  8966088853 

Date: 02/05/2019



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