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Can someone help me through this night,  can somebody save me from this life.

I woke up to a new day's sun, all I wanted was to have some fun.  I tried to enjoy the little things, the sound of the creek and the smells of the spring.  

Instead I found the beast inside my head.  He's trying to push me once more over the edge.  

I stared at the mirror and what did I find?  The beast smiling back from behind my eyes.  

I sat in my chair, stared at the wall.  Bombs from my past explode within my skull.  

I've had to do things you'd find obscene.   Every night, they haunt my dreams.  

Good intentions pave the way, the road to Hell isn't dark and grey.  

And here I am, still fighting a war.  A war within me, I want no more.  


  • May 01, 2019

  • You ok?

    May 02, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    There are people out there that are willing to help you-your continued writing can also relieve some of your stress πŸ¦‹it’s a brutal battle By with desire and a strong will Good things can happen πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹

    May 02, 2019

  • Jon Simpson

    Jon Simpson

    Thank you. Yes, I'm okay. I have a great support system at home and alot of old buddies I went overseas with helping each other. I do appreciate the concern. My writing has been an outlet for all those emotions (both past and present) and I draw on those for alot of my works. Some are from my time in Iraq, some from now, and some from pure imagination. I am discovering I have a knack for putting emotion into words. An old friend actually said this tonight. It's really nice to know that readers can feel the emotion I try to convey and that they can relate to some of my works on a deeper level. Again, I am very humbled and appreciate the concern. I hope some of my future pieces can reflect the brighter side of life and what it takes to get there. Happy writing, my friends.

    May 02, 2019

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