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Sub Category : R&B/Soul

Yeah you heard that right went from having a kite in flight chilling in the sky to waving goodbye, not hearing from you still left a stain when the suns out it still rains getting tortured like McCain feel like I'm going insane, in the membrane my acting is great like I'm citizen Kane that I'm not hurt on the inside even when this relationship has died for a long time feeling like I can still bring back the spark but feel a jolt when I bark feel like I need a new heart like stark. Sweater in trash thought our love would last but it's all in the past had my heart in your hands but threw it in the garbage but your not the only one who has bullets in the cartridge. So this is what I did, I threw out the sweater you gave me for Christmas last year people said I should sear it or tear it to shreds but it was chilling but my bed in the closet for a long time till I decided to go on a walk in my mind I had a talk to do it to show how I am with you still suffering what we've been through threatening to sue saying you didn't have a clue what I was talking about talking behind my back, even tho I had my bags pack to follow you but you lied to me for too long, saying that my feelings were gone acting like I took you like kong but took hits from you bong so I put you in a song. It all comes back around putting your sweater in the trash is what you did to my heart  burn it to ash and make it art doesn't feel right when end of us hasn't left your sight. 


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