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Micheal Ansah

                   Nature Lost

Looking  to the Twilight

Compared to the Daylight,

has nothing worth to show the Greenland today.

The  weather is drying up;

Leaving the Land with no Waters

to feed the Babies now.

Sermons clinging to the Brain like Tooth plaques.

Causing Vegetables to decay,

For giving seek as a duty.

Throwing bones to the Dogs,

assuring them that;

More will be given  

even worth to the title of birds.

Only if, they will make the Sun shine for them in the next Noon.

Without withholding their Tombs to the Paper.

Rivers and Breeze are turning very hot

For the Sun seek.

Ambassadors of the land has also polluted

Our waters,

And cut down Our wild leaves

Only for glittering stones;

Making our Greenland to  wear off.

The breeze is spiting on our Eyes,

Emitting burning sensations like Peper

Floating in our Sights.

Making it difficult for us to find Our road

To the Gospel.

Deceitful prophecies and Miracles has taking the Truth away,

Even to the extent of affecting the mind of the Land;

The days are passing 

And almost all the Fruits are affected

With lust for Power and Gold.

Seeds that sprout are even worse

Of Yesterday's grain.

Buildings and Materials has corrupted,

with old ideas;

Making things complex for Plants to absorb.

The philosophers are also filled with nothing new to teach.

Nothing left to do

for The Fresh plant that grows in the desert.

But leaving everything to the Moon

As we struggle to find our way;

Through the Dark

For the Next day.


  • May 01, 2019

  • Micheal Ansah

    Micheal Ansah

    Thak you

    May 02, 2019

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