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Good evening respected speakers cautious timekeeper honourable judges co-debaters and fellow member's I am strongly present on this august occasion to affirm to the motion which states "Female leaders govern better than male".

Before I put forward my case,I will like to define the term "Govern",according to Cambridge dictionary, it defines govern as a means of controlling and directing and general overseeing to the public business and affairs of a country,group of people within a geographical zone

We all know that women,if given the opportunity,support and endorsement by the society will be  more  better leaders than men

Nottwithstanding here are the following points to back up my claim.

Firstly:- Traditionally women have been viewed as not to be leadership worthy, many misconceptions about women and their leadership skillss have indoctrinated into society.Children are raised to believe that women are basically restricted to just giving birth,cleaning the house,many men still refer jokingly that a woman's place is to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen,which is not supposed to be so,most women suffer sex discrimination and most of them are only rewarded with a peanuts in their place of work

Secondly, According to Harvard study,women are more effective leaders,primarily due to their Initiative and greater drive,but also because they are good at self development and help in developing their employees,they help to raise the standards of everyone around them thereby increasing the work output. They are better at communicating and forming relationships;for leading any organization or any company you must have the patience and calmness to handle the different difficult challenges that come their,while on the other hand male counterparts find it difficult and very challenging,working in a multi purpose field of any organization and of course,women are the best in handling such situations.

In working,

 Female's are naturally endowed with sympathy and that's what is needed to overcome problems in many nations.In Nigeria, military rulers who ruled the country in olden days were dubious callous and inhuman,they showed no sympathy for their fellow countrymen.They were autocrats and dictators who has no second thought about situations and issues.

 Furthermore,when it comes to accountability, women know how to manage  resources available and in communication of business deal,we can perfectly and tactfully snag a business deal.Accountability must be a major watch ward of a nation to develop radically, in Nigeria, both military and civilian who had ruled us in the recent times and presently are just in the reverted position just to loot our Treasury, they keep fat foreign accounts and tell us to show transparent tranquility honesty diligence in everything that we do whereas they are doing the opposite

 Furthermore, accessibility, is another trait seen in a woman,it is not just about being physically available, it is about having an open open mind and heart,psychology has it that females are more adept at being open,likely because of their motherly instinct and desire to provide for others.Women have a geniue passion for working with people in term of collaboration.Women are team workers , emotional, 

generous,diplomatic, dynamic and risk bearers

Moreover, Female leader will not promulgate draconian decrees to either punish certain peoples or co-experience citizen from constructive criticism of which is an ingredient of growth in a modern acnd developing society.Nevertheless,in recent times, most of the liberal Democracies  female as their leaders and heads.For instance, British prime minister Theresa May,German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trinidad and Tobago prime minister,South Korea President Park Geun-Hye just to mention a few.Their are many countries where females had ruled them in the past.Take a look at ,  former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto,she was the first woman to head a democratic government in a Muslim majority nation, but was later assainated in 2007,Margaret Thatcher,Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi of India and lots more

Lastly.Women are naturally endowed with wisdom and that's why they run the affairs of their home with dedication and uprightiousness, they are born with an innate understanding on purpose.We are great listeners and thinkers. When someone speaks to us about something important,we are there and you better believe we are going to give our individual attention,we really want to hear what the other person has to say and be there for them in their time of need that's why we are being referred to as a great thinker,beautiful listener and a dynamic helper.

In conclusion, to buttress the sayings which goes thus that;"What a man can do,a woman can do much more better" a woman,female,feminine, governs better than her  male counterparts,without any iota of doubt in my hope  and aspiration,I think i have been able to convince you all  "Female govern better than male" I remain your humble debater Gold Ayomi,I say a big thank you to everyone present.



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