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DietDolphins are active predators and eat a wide variety of fishes, squids, and crustaceans such as shrimps. The foods available to a dolphin vary with its geographic location.Introduction to dolphinsDolphins are aquatic mammals that belong to the infraorder “Cetacea” a group of animals that includes whales,dolphins, and porpoises. ... Even though some dolphin species have up to 100 teeth, they don't use them for chewing. They use their teeth only to hold the fish and then swallow them.descriptionsDolphins are highly intelligent marine mammals that live in water but breathe through a blowhole on the top of their head. They are remarkable creatures tha have developed a form on sonar called echolocation to hunt and prey. They are very friendly and playful. Below are some interesting factsabout dolphins.

HabitatBottlenose dolphins live in temperate and tropical waters worldwide. Distribution is generally limited to surface water temperatures of 10° to 32°C (50° to 90° F). In the Pacific Ocean, bottlenose dolphins are found from northern Japan to Australia and from Southern California to life The life cycle of dolphins is similar to that of land mammals. Some species of dolphin appear to be only fertile for a short period every few years and typically produce offspring every 1 1/2 – 3 years.


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