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We cast our burdens to the LORD for HIM to sustain us [psa55:22] but some burdens need one to be uncommon to the devil by a way of uncommon prayers. Disciples asked JESUS how to pray as they had seen John the baptist teaching.[Luke11:1] They thought its common to be taught to pray and thought JESUS taught a common prayer to recite word for word. Nothing wrong with reciting the LORD s prayer word for word but that prayer is not common and do not make it common. JESUS only made an outline on how to pray effectively. If I can take the intro

" Our FATHER who art in heaven "

The  six words make everything uncommon to the world. Ask yourself as a sinner [Isa43:25] about the relationship you have with the FATHER, do you understand that HE calls you HIS child through the blood of JESUS, do you understand the precious love. [John15:9] the FATHER has for you?[1John3:1] can you express the same love back to HIM like you call HIM?[John15:13] No you can't HE has already done that on the cross for us, ours is to utter praise with unexpressible groanings, allowing the spirit HIMSELF to express to the FATHER,  becoming uncommon to flesh. [1Cor14:2] Before you pray your motive [Prov16:2] has to be uncommon to your flesh [James4:3] use HIS WORD [Mat24:35] and make the uncommon prayer come from the heart [Luke6:45] with boldness.
My friends do not be predictable in rhetoric and by doctrine, the devil likes routine chorus so be in dischord with chorus chord to disconnect devils code, I mean be uncommon unusual to the devil, take the devil by surprise and receive uncommon miracles and wonders. JESUS did uncommon prayers [Luke22:44] at mount of olives just after HIS last passover festival, HE prayed until an angel strengthened HIM [Luke22:43] The disciples failed to do the uncommon[Luke22:46]

Friends I write this scroll because the devil is trying to burn the original scroll [Jer36:28] the devil does not want you and me to know the first scroll the bible, I write to be uncommon until GOD sends an uncommon hand to write uncommon good news [Dan5:24], do not be slow my friends lets catch these things, the aim is not to write on scroll, the aim is to write in our hearts [Prov7:3]

Fellowship love to you all brethren!
I repeat passover greetings to all saints

Its me again, Clement


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    Apr 30, 2019

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