The Frustration Dilemma 4/30/19 Read Count : 5

Category : Poems

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One of the more frustrating experiences 
Is a person dealing with persistent 
difficult issue and unable get any relief
In spite of the support they may be seeking or recieving 

There is also high level of frustration for 
the individual attempting aid the struggling victim
Whether with knowledge- experience or 
simply empathy seeing someone with continued   pain while not the same as the victims is a burden never the less

Hopefully the troubled person will continue to see support and find ways to ease the frustration by writing and expressing their issues to trusted friends and family

Frustration  on the part of the support people is  understandable but should not undermine their their efforts or 
their attempts in the future 
Progress of these issues are a challenge to deal with 
The attempt to help should be the positive focus


  • May 01, 2019

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