Midday Sun? Read Count : 2

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy

   I opened my eyes as the sun got to it's highest peak, the trees shaded me as I had expected. It's been so long since I've greated the sun, I rolled onto my back. The ground under me was still a bit damp creating a sucking sound.

   I didn't mind it, last night's grief was a dull ache. My face felt crusty from the tear streaks I knew that there was mud on my face, I still didn't care.

   The sun burned my eyes, it was to bright. It warmed me, like a comforting touch. It knew it couldn't touch me so it let the trees do their job. It was nice. 

   I felt hallow and numb, it wasn't a good feeling. The air was humid from the rain, it dried my clothes. I knew  I was going to have to face what i didn't want to.

~continue in book-the moon~



  • May 01, 2019

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