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Mom mom I love mom

single mom 

eager to send wire 

money she desires 

because your beau retired 

help you in dire need 

you feel sick and tired 

if you betrayed and alienated 

retrieve you in relation 

I come in emotion 

tie me in new relation 

oozing dejection in commotion 

Access me on phone tailing woe 

and tale bygone your sensuous photos 

in comfort zone, ball dance, disco, and party saying stories of kids, pets and pals and foes logic of breaking relation 

affairs, addiction and seduction 

rejuvenate love and gaining profit 

you keep fit your self in community 

mesmerising your new friends 

captivating them in queue and lane 

your scope is far and wide 

you may roam city to flight 

as it is a trend to love mom 

in love game my friend quoth 

me to write verse on personal game 

so it is advertisement of my friend. 

   Kamal kishore Sharma 

Behind Hotel Midtown Sneh Nagar 

Ward No 27 Balaghat (MP) India 

3o/04/2019  9424614441 8966088853


  • Kamal Kishore Sharma

    Kamal Kishore Sharma

    Friends, This is a satire on love of moms in Aristocrat Society and it may sung with stylish rhythms of Pop and Rap music.

    Apr 30, 2019

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