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As I woke up from the stepping noice's I noticed that there was a shadow I am alone.but that noice keep bothering me so I check downstairs and there were nothing.i got creeped out for a second but then I said to myself "it's just an dream" but it's not. As i walk back up it felt like someone was behind me.i check and no one was there so I went back to my room and went back to sleep.the next morning at 7:00 am someone knock on my door.i check it and no one was there so I asked my neighbour's if something was going on.

My neighbour's said nothing was going on.so I ran back home and look for anything that wasn't mine. But nothing was found. This made me so scared so I did went to bed and I ignore everything. The next day I got a random call but I never pick up calls.so he sent me a note saying "he will be back..." Which make me curious on this "guy" so I called him back but he never answered.i look closely at the note it say  an address I looked it up but it lead me........


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