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Part apart feel together 

soothe your perplexity 

you hug poodle 

pat and fondle 

in bed 

 In a hopeless daze 

 see you in rage 

 you sip coffee 

 flickering eye lids 

 surging in balcony 

 gaze at hanging orchid 

 whirling a black bee

   You raise eyebrows 

    black bee lands on your head 

    sucks the nectar of rose

    fastened with scarf 

    you grab the bee 

    caught in fist 

    with amazing twists 

    bee bit you sting 

    crying in pain 

    it is love of bee in disdain. 

                  ---- Kamal kishore Sharma 

  30/04/2019  Behind Hotel Midtown 

 Sneh Nagar Ward No 27 Balaghat (MP) India 9424614441  8966088853


  • Apr 30, 2019

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