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Sometimes i look at myself in the mirror and i want to cry

Due to all the pain thats tucked deep inside

I let the outside world into my mind

Now no matter how i dress im never satisfied

Ive took many selfies thousands at least

Few said i was beautiful and i was grateful but still i see a beast

I let opinions make my heart crease with that came belief

I thought they was right

Sometimes i cant sleep at night

At times i try to be cocky but deep down i feel like i lied

To myself 

but ppl close to me that love me try to cheer me up n build my confidence up

 But due to majority statements

And popular faces

I feel so basic

Besides the mistake of a face

I have an enemy on my skin 

Rising from within

With the pain comes the lumps and with the lumps comes the blood n puss drain 

My body is scarred 

In even the most delicate places

It multiplies as time goes by

My body is running out of spaces

I tried to help myself 

To balance my health 

But nothing really works

Theres no cure for this n it hurts

Inside n out

How do i keep my head up

N clear my mind from doubt?

Show this disease n my depression what im about

Keep finding solutions

I feel like i got some points that need to be proven 

Cuz i got a 2 on 1 battle i gotta face

N i have no motivation to start this race

Im in such a dark place 

My mind is everywhere its controlling me

Theres a voice in my head thats scolding me

Sometimes i wanted to take myself out just to make it stop

But thats selfish

I told myself "you a punk bitch"

Like this is ridiculous 

How could i ever let myself get this bad?

Make ppl who dwell on my misery glad

Nah i gotta fix this soon cuz this is really sad 😢


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