The Rain Read Count : 18

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Sub Category : Fantasy

 The clouds gathered in the sky, the atmosphere was heavy and vibrant. It made me happy to see the moon was sad with me, the hurt in my heart tore at me. I was tired of being hurt I went to my safe haven.

   The rain started in a light drizzle covering my face with its own tears, mine washed over the cold drops creating a warm trail, the pain only grew, why do i have to be hurt? Told I'm wrong all the time? When I know this case I'm right.

   I'm told it was impossible for what I went through but I was living proof. The tears came harder, I let out a gasp as thunder hit. I wasn't scared of it this time because this time it screamed with me. 

   The rain went from a drizzle to a down pour, it didn't faze me it hid my tears, I screamed with the thunder, it made me feel better as it crashed through the night. The moon's face stuck out from the clouds refusing to be hidden.

   The ones you love shouldn't hurt you, they should believe you when you tell them something. When they refuse to put aside what they think is impossible to listen it hurts the soul.

   It sticks with the person. The harsh words echoed in my ears, ringing over and over again. I cried harder sobbing into the rain, it seemed to hug me as it crashed to the ground. It cried with me.

   The moon's glow cut through the darkness around me the rain made it seem to swirl trying to cheer me up, I didn't want it this time, I wanted the one I loved to listen to me for once, I wanted him to accept that the impossible happened but I had no proof. 

   The moon tried again the rays changing patterns. I continued to cry feeling lighter and lighter. The pain was still there but it was growing smaller. It would probably never truly go away.

   Not until it was corrected, it may never be but the storm comforted me crying with me, the moon reached again and this time I accepted.

   I crumbled to the ground my knees hitting mud but it didn't bother me, sobs racked through again in a sudden burst. I was shaking I couldn't tell if I was mad or just hurt, I didn't know probably wouldn't. 

   The rain howled around me echoing my pain, it was comforting to know I wasn't alone. The gift that it provided me was comforting within itself. I was thankful.

   The sobs quieted but the shaking was still there, the hollow feeling in me chest made me feel lighter, it was a sign the pain was leaving but the pit in my stomach stayed.

   I didn't mind that it helped. The rain slowed as the tears did but I stayed where I was. The night started to disappear but yet I stayed I bid it farewell as the sun came out.

   The dawn warmed me as the sky turned vibrant colors, it's been a long time since I stayed to witness a sunrise, it grew warmer chasing the chill from me.

   My clothes began to dry as the ground did, I laid down not caring about the mud. The sun peaked through the bushes blinding me but I didn't care enough to move.

   As it reached it's way into the sky crawling up the invisible latter, the trees shielded me from the sun's rays. The shade was cooling as the air grew warmer. 

   It made me feel better. I closed my eyes and drifted knowing the trees would shield me throughout the day. I wouldn't burn. Until we meet again.


  • Apr 29, 2019

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