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Long before you came to me

an eagle spoke of a place

Tucked away in a mountain brook 

ground covered with a shimmering early morning dew

 hidden without much trace. 

In this land there was no hurt, no evil could penetrate

This land has long been sacred

 to my people and my kin 

For i am but a medicine man

I hear those who call to him

This land has an idyllic voice

of which I call her God

For she can see me standing there displaced in the smog

When she speaks of the soul of the tree

in me there grows a warmth

For i too can see them

and hear them speak of logs.

The forest is a comfort

the trees to me do tell that man has only heard them truly when they're fell. 

The Brook it whispers softly

it too has seen its share

for I alone have seen the blood rushing through it's rapids

 and heard it's grizzly tale

The Birds that call to others, 

also call to me

For they have always been a true friend through and through for the trees. 

The flowers they stay silent

 as anyone would know

The only stories left to tell

 die in the snow.

The squirrels one by one 

gather from the trees

as they provide themselves 

with a feast of many seeds.

The owl speaks to all, 

but silent on the wind

 as it's wisdom comes upon me, 

I see the truth in him. 

The eagle appears before me 

and I on bended knee

 accept his royal appointment

 of the man who speaks for me.

The knowledge of this land 

is only known to few

And with a drastic measure

 i appeal to you. 

When you drive your car up to the woods

leave nature it's own blood

For each and every animal 

serves a purpose in this world.


  • Apr 29, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    A beautiful jewelwow

    Apr 29, 2019

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