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I apologise for my internalised

Feelings forbid by fear

For the unspoken words

The ones the nerds are often expected to be able to hear and utter

But instead mutter

There is no confidence when you're convinced that your heart will minimise

So you stutter

And ever since regretted and fretted the finite hope you've taught yourself to grow in

"I am, I truly am!"

"Pardon me"

Forgive four facetious facades

Forgive me my obvious mirage

Waited so long, hoping the feeling, so strong,

Would lead me through a narrow path

To you.

Instead, ironically,

And almost wholly literally

I, myself, deceived myself

Thinking that time was by my side

Myself and I is all that can ever be now

"I ask of you, I truly ask of you!"

Six seasons, every year

Sitting on a fence

Contemplating between a choice so insincere

Or another enthused by fear


The words whom to I bowed now kiss my feet

And they whom retreat returns to show time it's true tone

But I am truly late.

"I am, I truly am"

I apologise that I couldn't love you the way I wish I could

And how I had to embed the memories in a room that I never knew I would

Maybe there's a time

Perhaps there's a place

A sunrise, a sunset

A rush, a race

A moment where we should be



  • beautiful!

    Apr 29, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Beautifully written 🦋bittersweet 🦋🦋🦋

    Apr 29, 2019

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