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Here the thing love only last for what I say 10 years .The hole the about forever is bull crap . I like the wording love you but than it's stop coming . So  I like the wording I hate you. After I barely have a mom  she never even bother to call me and my sister .so what the point of trying. So now I just lay here on my bed stairy at the air and then my best friend come in and his name is Jordan . Hey Aria get up were going to the movies tonight and to eat come on . Why it not like we're together 🙄 he blushed

Making me blush so about that food . Aria your always think about the food yep wouldn't you .ok get dressed dork . He walks out . I know what your thinking Aria if you do not love anything how can you have a cush on him . Just for arument sake he hot Koran abs and his face is just to much for me or anyone to handle.

By the way what's worse he has a girlfriend . He comes in wate I have my underwear on and bekeeny top on .hay Aria we have a dinner apontment omg I'm so sorry just get out pervert. He left omg let's  get a pretty tight short black dress on and red high heels with a letter jacket I look hot . I'm ready ug she going  with us his girlfriend omg I hate her she's a such b ...... Your ready wow Aria you look at you you who's the date . Jordan no one can we talk for a minute yah what your gf really what she what to go and you no I can not say no oh yes you can . Aria Jordan are we going yes Vanessa we have to make a stop on the way to get my boyfriend  . Wate you have a bf yes I do maybe like a doble data just hold on let me text him 

On the phone



Can you go on a double date with me and ack like my bf to make Jordan jelly I do not care what you have to do please

Fine I do it I should call you baby now 

Ok we're picking you up ok

Ok intill than

Ok back to Vanessa and Jordan

Is he coming yes he is 

In the car I see Vanessa kissing Jordan ew were at Tyler's 

Dag boy you are hot nice job mind you to face suckers in the car so what I do kiss tyleralot I think that was the hottest first kiss anyone had . You look hot Aria thank baby 😘 💋 kissed him again and Jordan was looking at me and Tyler he looked a little bit mad than we got in the car and Jordan anyone sad anything so me and Tyler started to talk and kiss mind you this was Jordan other best friend  when we got to the restaurant Jordan grabed me to a other room because this restaurant had  rooms for another things he pushed me in the wall and he said why are you trying to make me jelly what why are you with your girlfriend . I think your not dum of nuff to not no I have a crush on you Jordan. Well think about it Aria do ever kiss our hug on my girlfriend do expedite today no I do not remember I did it to make jelly and so we both did the same thing wow the reason why wore this is because I wanted you so bad baby boy say what I think I kiss you now

I like I said before love is a stupid thing the end by Aria Slagle


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