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I know it's going to take some years to fight lust, but trying not to encourage it; my flesh is weak but I am strong still like King Solomon. King Solomon I need to talk to you father who sits with my Heavenly Father, how do I control it father Solomon? I look to you for advice, how do I stay strong like Father Christ?  father Solomon, tell me how? Lord Christ have mercy on my soul for you don't want lust to be in my heart for I want to serve and walk with you and sing to you because it's fun worshipping you Lord, in singing your praises, I find great joy, in seeking your face I find great fulfillment for my inner and outer being. You take control of everything, even the hearts of mankind, Oh Lord Jesus, there's no other like you, no one above you and surely no one beneath you, Oh Lord Christ you are the only one, you the Higher Power because your power is so great; how could I gaze at your beautiness without perishing? Oh powerful Savior my Lord who died for me? Where would I be without you? My entire life will be crazy without you Lord God. You show me proof of your existence by your many wonders on Earth,  God for only you are Spirit, you oh Spirit Father of all creations by your hands beautiness is formed, for the clouds above are the dust from your feet.... All praise and honor belongs to you O' Keeper of breath and Keeper of all life, even the animals praise you by their songs, even the universe you created magnifies your name all creations now down before you Jesus. Because your name is so great. What a name like Christ Jesus the Lord and Savior of our lives. By your life you saved us by giving it up for us. Jehovah you gave up your blood for us. Oh Spirit of spirits thank you for life for everything you've done for your people. We bless and reverence you all the day long. 


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