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This is Me
Pieces of my heart scattered around the Earth.
Trying to navigate through the wreckage of my own self destruction
Unsuccessfully scraping the bottom of the trash heap to put myself together.

Love is missing.
Love never existed, who am I kidding?
Easy to throw me away just as its always been done
Can’t blame me if I think you do it for fun.
You are preserved and that is what is important

But you never took the time to get to know me.
Never cared beyond the fact you couldn’t control me
And now you’re gonna pay me back and show me!

Thought this was a forever thing
Wel,l we obviously decimated that dream.
But here’s the difference, is the drugs turned me to a monster.
Broken from the womb, It was the only comfort I’d ever know.
What’s your excuse?

If I was my parent I would have saved me from a lifetime of heartache 
And nutted on the floor.
What was the point of birthing me?
What was the point of marrying me?

I was fucked from the start.
I gave you all I had but I didn’t have much to give.
Now I’m trying to fill my cup
But it seems that the well is all but dried up.

Loving you is painful and I’m head over heals.
Please Come Home


  • Apr 29, 2019

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