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Jessica made her first order as President Lady of Chance-Quinn.

"We need soldiers, please sign up and volunteer to fight. Your families will be taken care of and will reside at our bombing bunkers!"

All the men and boys stepped forward. Their mother's cried tears of joy and sadness. Training for them started immediately. Everyone else who weren't involved in the war quickly packed their things and headed towards the bunkers. The boys and men trained nonstop. They went through hell training. Through the rain and snow and mud. A general came up to the group.

"Soldiers!" he paused, "this the first war of this nation. Great nation. We'll go down in the books as the nation who fought the Gun Gang Family. The nation who stood up to the strongest in the world. Fight hard my men, my boys. You all will be remembered for your bravery. Let's go win this!"

Everyone cheered and worked harder. They marched around the country, being praised by so many citizens. They all marched to the castle where Jessica and Yoseph's mom was.

"Hello everyone," greeted Jessica smiling.

"Hello ma'am," greeted the soldiers back.

"You're here to know why fighting for this country is worth it." stated Yoseph's mom, Ms. Quinn.

"This country was formed by my son, former king of Gun Gang and former president of Chance-Quinn. He made this country for everyone here, he did it cause he wanted to be with his wife, former Queen of the Sword Cult, but couldn't cause of the laws. So if you think fighting for this glorious nation is not worth it, remember, Yoseph, president of Chance-Quinn, made it so people like you can be with the person you love with no consequences."

The soldiers cheered. Jessica smiled and teared up.She went upstairs and layed in bed next to stuff bear Yoseph gave to her.

"I love you baby boy, and I miss you a lot."

The soldiers marched to the front lines and set up their tents and fire and everything else. They were ready. Tanks and planes. They set up traps all around for the enemy.

"Remember men! We have reserves, but still fight like there aren't none! We will keep the country safe and independent!" shouted a general.

"Yeah!" shouted the soldiers back.

Gun Gang Soldiers are on their way.


  • May 06, 2019

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