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I've been staring this empty note for a couple of hours

Thinking about what to write

Empty, empty, empty

I feel like something inside me is some sort of void that needed something

Yet, I could never figure out a single thing

My soul is isolated inside a secluded place, its trapped

Thought its screaming for help but nobody is in there

No one is present because you walk there all by yourself.

Its like a war declared by your demons

Tearing you apart, trying to pull you away from that so-called existence

But you keep fighting anyway

You are no soldier or a viking yet you are a warrior. Fought for victory, fought to conquer your yin and yang

But it will never be that easy

Every waking day, every breathing we make and every living we gain 

Will be just a one night for a famished devouring Beelzebub.

My whole life is a fucking mess

Little did I know its a jigsaw that lost a lot of pieces

It can never be fixed cannot ever be replaced

All those untreasured times Ive wasted

Now its too late for regrets

Its all over the place

What's this fucking mess I made


  • Apr 28, 2019

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