Lihaaz Ae Ruhaniyat (The Beginning Of A Saga) By Anubhav Swarn Read Count : 31

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Science Fiction

2009 ( Vadodra-India) 

Consumer Helpline Office 

Amanuday, a young boy in his early twenties is sitting on his cabin chair (lonely), with no people surrounding him. Heavy Rains are showering outside,  he watches the thundering weather through one of his cabin window (window is in dilapidated state). 

Distant sounds of thunder are rushing towards his ear, he sits calm. 

From outside a gecko lizard slides into his cabin via that window and runs over his both arms. 

In fear he stands up and came out of his room. As there was no customer he decides to return home. 

He drives back to his house which was approximately 7 miles away. 

On his way back he saw many trees fallen on the road's margin. 

On his arrival at the home, his pet dog (rayan)  rushes towards him even in the hardest of the weather. He took him along inside the house. 

He serves some pedigree to Rayan and let him enjoy it in one of the cleanest corner of the house.  

Amanuday's house was not something like an elite's one. It was just having some place to live and cook. 

For him Rayan was the first priority, he delivers him the utmost love. Both of them were like real brothers. 

Every night at 12 am when each neighbourhood was sunken in deep sleep, he comes out of his small house and walks in an agonising fear of loosing Rayan (The pet).

On one similar night a girl named Heera was weeping in the nearest of the neighbourhood. 

Rayan got up and starts to follow the crying sound. His hearing  ability was as fabulous as his smelling one. 

He found that girl and goes closer to her. 

He puts his paw on her feet. 

Suddenly Heera gets up and stabs Rayan. 

Now Heera gets more emotional and starts to cry more deeply,  from behind a tree Amanuday arrives and hugs her gifting her a ring while saying 'well done..'.

A tear comes out from his eye. 

They stood calm and poised under the bright galloping full moon. 

Wait for the next chapter to come.


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