How It All Began (Escape Detention) Read Count : 29

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It was a sunny Wednesday morning, before I had to go to my middle school. Meanwhile, I called my friend Feven I asked if she wanted to ditched first period with me I was surprised on the answer she had told me, Feven and I started to head to school feven had told me to wait in the front school before we leave........ Ten minutes later "The school bell ranged" "I pulled out iPhone X ,I went to snapchat I called feven and "told her the bell has rung and told her to meet me at Delmar Park". As First period passing by me and Feven sat at on the benches. Waiting for the time to go by, it was Lunch and everybody was in the court yard next you know I see this named Mulana come up to me and feven and asked tells us "Hey guys I heard yall ditch 1st period do yall want to ditch 3rd period with me I have fifty-dollars , Feven and I decided to say yes ..... 3rd period comes Feven Mulana and I snuck out of school "WE ALL JUST STARTED TO DASH TO THE PARK". Meanwhile,  3rd period teacher " Ms biscuit" called the office and tells them "I have a student missing name Yasmere" ,Meanwhile Mulana Feven and I is at the Family dollar looking around Mulana and Feven had an Idea to stell glue." I told them not to so I decided to leave the store and head back to burger king"  Feven and Mulana went to (GENX) and stole some necklaces,earrings,ects. They had got caught by the store managers so the managers decided to call the school police. They took Mulana and Feven to the head dean of the grade ...... Meanwhile, while I was calling Feven to figure out were they were she didn't answer so I knew they had to got caught so I just started to run back to school, When I got to school the teacher Mr.Merchant  told me to come here he said "All three of yall will have detention" as soon as I heard those words "I knew someone snitched my heart just dropped" Feven told me "Mulana told the head dean the other girl is Yasmere and heres  her number" As soon as I herd those words I wanted to kill mulana. Than,  In detention I had my phone and went on snapchat and told the whole world that Mulana was a stank hoe qass bitch ......   All I knew next I had all the school texting me and telling thats why you should never trust her. I also told them that she never had 50 dollars.


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    Yamuna Madhan


    Apr 28, 2019

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    Apr 28, 2019

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